Cartan Tours Travel Directors in Los Angeles

Knowledgeable, Efficient, Dedicated, Friendly

The Cartan Tours family is what makes the difference and sets our travel programs apart from the pack.  Let our friendly team of travel experts do all of the hard work for you.

Experience : Cartan’s unrivaled history in the industry ensures more than 200 combined years of  travel experience go into our travel programs.

Service : When and where you need us, Cartan Tours is here for you.  Our travelers consistently Cartan at the highest satisfaction level for a worry-free, memorable travel experience.

Dedication : We are proud of the fact that Cartan Tours’ staff – from the team behind the scenes to our on-site Program managers have an outstanding background in sports travel.

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David G. Elmore Chairman and Owner

Don Williams - Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Greg Harney – Director, International Business

Francisco Campo - Director, International Relations

Diana C. Imhoff- Vice President, Business Development

Julie Jentges- Vice President, Reservations Operations

Daniel Gamba- Sales & Marketing Program Manager

Bonnie Keilbach - Senior Account ManagerDianaImhoff

Lurdes Muñoz- International Olympic Sales Manager

Lesa Green - Senior Account Manger

Debra Lindsey- Senior Account Manager

Gary Moy- Director, Operations & NOC Services