We Need Your Input for London in 2012

Are you interested in having input into Cartan Tours Summer Games programs?   We’re putting the travel plans in your hands for 2012.

Our Los Angeles office is in the middle of building our London Travel Programs –which has us all very excited–and our planning department is having a lot of discussions of the different types of features these should have.  We know that London is already a world-wide tourist destination so we want to make sure our 2012 programs opens up new opportunities to all.

Because of our long-time relationships with Games clients, we are aware of many of our travellers’ habits and preferences.  We always appreciate some constructive criticism. For example, we received the following guidance from our Vancouver clients when asked:

What can Cartan Tours do to improve our programs?

  • Longer length of program stay in order to view more events without a lot of increase expense
  • Offer longer individual wavelengths and continue to provide the service as effectively as you do now
  • Keep price down
  • We’ll need to arrive earlier or depart later than the package.
  • We might be able to use some advice on a homestay near London (in addition to staying at your hotel during the 5 day wave).

If you are thinking about travel packages to London in 2012, we would love to hear from YOU as well - Click here to take survey on SurveyMonkey.

New Facebook Community for World Cup Family

In our Vancouver Feedback Surveys, many travelers asked for the opportunity to connect with Cartan Tours program managers via facebook and twitter.

Your satisfaction is our priority – so we took this request to heart immediately for our next event.  With great excitement, we just launched our brand new facebook group dedicated to our 2010 FIFA World Cup Travelers.   While I’m the only one in the group right now – our goal is to make sure every traveler is connected to the Cartan Tours World Cup family before, during and after the event.   So if you’re a Facebook user heading to South Africa with Cartan Tours this summer, just click on the fan box below to join our community.

Cartan Tours World Cup Family

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Thank You, Vancouver

When I first started working at Cartan Tours, a co-worker spoke of measuring a program’s success by the “Games Afterglow” of departing clients.

Thankfully, the airport atmosphere was tribute to the happiness of Vancouver Games travelers.

A record-breaking 39,000 departed a day after Vancouver’s closing ceremony.  Despite the suggested five-hour wait time, people continued the celebration all the way to the plane, enjoying athlete sightings, medalist photo ops and live musical entertainment.

Airport spokesperson Rebecca Catley said the Vancouver Airport Authority had been planning for the day for several years.

“We knew that the day after the closing ceremonies would be busy because we spoke to other Olympic airports,” she said. “I’m sorry we haven’t been able to oblige (the media’s expectation of chaos) but I’ve been very happy. We had a good plan, we were confident with our plan, but you never know. Everybody is in a great mood.”

The spirit was contagious.  As the communications director for Cartan Tours, I was lucky enough to have the chance to interview a few members of the Cartan Games Family in Vancouver.

Downtown Vancouver

From local staff, to senior executives to first-time Games travelers, I soon realized that I was not the only one rooting for Canada this February. The universal spirt of happiness and praise for Vancouver’s organizing committee was overwhelming. We all wanted Canada’s Games to succeed, especially in light of the tragedies they faced early on. I’ll even admit to secretly rooting for their hockey team on Sunday – just because I thought the maple-leaf-covered fans that packed the streets of Granville were delightful.

The Vancouver Sun said it best,

“Tens of thousands of people poured into downtown streets Sunday, as they had each night of the Olympics, to celebrate and cheer not only Canada’s hockey win but merely being Canadian and part of these Games.

There were seniors, babies in strollers, kids holding glow-sticks and middle-aged men and women waving flags tied to hockey sticks. And at the intersection of Smithe and Howe, at 9:30 p.m., there was a full-on street hockey game, complete with nets.

Five hundred people stood and watched and cheered every goal, no matter which team scored.”

street parties

Hockey Fans on Granville Street

Were these the best Games the world has ever seen? Anyone else coping from Vancouver withdrawal? Back in Los Angeles, I’m already started my countdown for London.